Update on drying logs in a shed

  • Posted on: 21 February 2017
  • By: rob

A year on from my first post about drying logs for a log burning stove, and I have some more data. I continued with the same method until early September 2016. The experiment ended in September 2016, and the logs ended up in the fire.

Log E from Set B showing recorded mass and date.

Log G from Set A showing recorded mass and date


Summary of loss of mass due to drying
Sample A Sample B
Start Mass 9194g 9202g
Feb 2016 6284g (68.4%) 7456g (81.03%)
Sept 2016 5730g (62.32%) 6104g (66.33%)

The full table of data and graphs are stored in Google Drive.

Relative mass loss for set A
Relative mass loss for set B


  • Cut and split your logs and put them in a shed in March or April and they should be ready for October
  • Don't expect your logs to dry out much in winter
  • If you want to measure the mass of your logs, you do not need to measure many to get a representative sample